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co-living  and co-owning inside a modern-day castle


“Everything starts with a VISION”

Our vision is to bring passionate, talented people together to work at a company they own and share in the wealth it creates that’s placed inside an epic modern-day castle built ocean-side with almost every conceivable amenity with a zero stress culture where they’ll live and share awesome toys to make a boatload of money with the purpose to be known as one of the most philanthropic organizations in the world.  



Impromptu Interview with an employee at an employee-owned company by a Castle V team member

“If you don’t own it, it owns you”

People living and working inside Castle V – a.k.a. Castle V’rs –  will be co-owners of an employee-owned company. Over 50% of Fortune’s top companies to at are employee-owned. Employee-owned companies are also called ESOPs or work co-ops.  ESOPS employees get a say in their company’s future through a democratic, decision-making process. They also get to share in the wealth their company creates.  Since Castle V’s company is owned by the employees, Castle V’rs can expect higher compensation, tremendous amounts of transparency, lots of autonomy, a greater purpose and unlimited time off.

 Instead of putting all our eggs in one basket, Castle V’s company will span multiple industries insulating it from economic downturns, layoffs and generating more wealth. Castle V founders predict that the first one hundred and fifty Castle V’rs will be worth over a million dollars after seven years. They say this with confidence based on securing hundreds of film concepts, new business ventures and Castle V’s model of working, living and sharing.   401(k)’s at work co-ops are seven to ten times higher at retirement.   We encourage you to do your research on employee-owned companies.

Living, Working, and Sharing Evolved

What happens when you bring co-living, co-owning, and co-working inside a modern-day castle?

NO hearing “You’re Fired”
NO GMO Foods
NO Corporate Ladder
NO Politics
NO Worries
NO Laundry
NO Bills
NO Rush Hour
NO Cooking
NO Cleaning

YES Shared Toys
YES Onsite Medical
YES Shared Profits
YES Employee Owned
YES 100% Renewable Energy
YES Private Living Space
YES Amazing Amenities
YES Philanthropic Focused
YES Rooms For Friends To Visit
YES Family-Like Community


Stress, doubt, worry are rooted in fear. We know this because we have a fear eradication expert on our team. The plan is to accomplish a stress-free culture by eliminating worries inside the castle. 

We’ll start by removing the constant fear of losing your job. Instead of one person(boss) holding your future in their hands, it will take a community vote to kick out a bad apple. There are no secrets in an employee-owned company. You’ll have full transparency and have a say in the company’s future. Living inside the castle, you won’t have rent, utilities, transportation or entertainment expenses. That will put an extra $4000 a month into your pockets. Add these savings to Castle V’s competitive salaries, and the company’s shared profits and you won’t be stressing over money anymore. You won’t have to stress over medical bills with planned onsite doctors and dentists. Heck, your pets won’t worry either with proposed onsite pet resort and onsite veterinary. Living inside the castle eliminates rush hour, cooking and safety stresses and frees up hundreds of hours in your life. 

Living, working, and sharing things inside a modern-day castle will create a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment. We’re excited to see your FULLTENTIAL unleashed inside a ZERO STRESS castle.

Making Money

The American dream is each of us having our own castles. Some of us get lucky, but for many, they struggle their entire life. We’re bringing together talented people inside an employee-owned company to build a castle together. Producing movies for the Big Screen is one of the primary ways Castle V will generate money. Planned inside the castle is the space equivalent of a football field for movie production. Castle V has already secured hundreds of movies, documentaries, and reality series.

The soccer and track field are for size comparison only. Actual courtyard amenities will be revealed at Castle V’s launch event. 

Beyond making kick butt movies, Castle V will also make money by spreading people’s talents across multiple industries that include education, technology, and pets.  






Community + Unity = Amazing Shared TOYS!!!

  • fly board
  • paraglider
  • motorcycle
  • atvriding
  • Boat
  • jetski
  • Rv

Beyond sharing big toys like; Class A RV’s, ATV’s, Boats, Motorcycles, and Jetskis think about all the gear we can share too? Camping stuff, scuba equipment, kayaks, archery, fishing gear, golf clubs, paddle boards and much more. It would cost you more than $300,000 dollars to own everything we listed.  Instead of all of us trying to build our castles; we’ll build one together. In doing so, we’ll own more toys than we could individually and probably make a few of our friends jealous too!



giVe, giVe, giVe

It’s no coincidence that the most successful people and organizations in the world are the biggest givers. Our goal is to become one of the world’s most generous and giving organizations. Many people don’t want a regular job. Instead, they’re called to sacrifice their lives to help others that are less fortunate around the world. We call these people Bolder Doer. Unfortunately, lack of financial resources stops many of them from doing so. If you’re called to be a Bolder Doer we’d like to get to know you.  Ultimately, it will be up to Castle V’rs to decide where to give to and who to give to. 

TED TALKS How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)

We believe GREAT friendships will spawn inside Castle V with a zero-stress culture where people are living, working, and sharing things together making it one of the happiest and healthiest places on earth. From the research, it looks like we’ll live longer too!!!

Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier

According to Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one thing surpasses all the rest in terms of importance: “The clearest message that we get from Harvard’s 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” –

In 2015 Brigham Young University completed a study that showed a significantly increased risk of premature death in those who were are living in isolation. The US Surgeon General declared isolation a public health epidemic.

Castle V - The Freedom To Work, Live, and Play

Castle V - The Freedom To Work, Live, and Play

Are You Passionate About Making Films?

Passion. We want Castle V filled with people who are passionate about what they do. So it’s OK if you don’t have a degree. Experience is great but we know there’s a ton of undiscovered talent in the world that just needs a chance to shine.What would you do if money was no object? If your answer is making films then we want you to light up Castle V with your brilliance.

Founders’ Pledge

We pledge to live among people inside the castle, not above them. We pledge not to get any preferential treatment. We pledge to live in the same private ocean-side apartment space that everyone else does. We pledge to eat the same food, work as hard, and share the same toys. We pledge to earn an income that of the average person’s income inside the castle. We pledge the company inside the castle will always remain employee-owned and democratically controlled by the people inside the castle. We pledge to put the needs of others before our own. We pledge to treat others as we’d want to be treated. We pledge to create a culture that is A.O.F – Absence Of Fear. We pledge to cherish, maintain, and repairs relationships. We pledge to apply for B-Corp status. We pledge to keep creating, inventing, and doing things that positively impact the world.  We pledge to live a life of courage, honesty, and integrity. We pledge to work hard and laugh a lot. Heck, one founder dresses up as a clown and entertains senior citizens on the weekends. We pledge to be selfless, servant mentors. 

Questions, Questions, Questions?

We know you have tons of questions for us. They’ll all be answered at Castle V’s live webcast launch event.  Click the tab below to answer a big, pondering question you may have now.

  • NO. In an employee-owned company, there are a few levels of salary.

    Example. Let’s say there are five salary levels in the castle. Assume the base salary for Level I is $2,400 a month. Then, Level 5’s monthly salary would be $12000 – five times that of Level I.  Remember, neither Level I or Level 5 will incur any monthly expenses. This equates to about $4000 a month. At the end of the year, when profits are allocated, Level 5 would receive five times more profits than Level 1. 

    Let’s say that shared-profit distribution for the year inside the castle equates to $20 an hour for Level 1. In our example, a Level 1 housekeeper would earn $60,000. $28000 from their base salary plus shared profits of $32,000. Plus, no expenses. 

    Level 5’s would earn $304K,  $144,000 base salary plus $160,000 shared profits. Level 5 doctors inside the castle would make $304,000 a year without having to buy malpractice insurance. Because everyone inside our castle agrees not to sue our doctors. 

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Get Involved

Do you want to use your gifts and talents to build something you own?
Do you want to live, work, and live inside a modern-day castle?
Do you want to be set free from just being an employee?
Do you want to be happy and enjoy life?
Do you want to impact the world?
Do you want to share cool toys?
Do you want freedom?
Help others?

So if you believe in what we’re doing, then get involved by registering for Castle V’s launch event on 11-11.  We’ll never, ever ask you to contribute, donate, or give money. Castle V’s funding won’t come from you, it’s revealed at the launch event. If you want to get involved before the launch event then fill out the online form. Sharing is caring.  Help move Castle V’s vision forward by sharing on your social media. 

Live Webcast Event

Be Part Of The Most Epic Event Since Medieval Times


What’s going down at the event?
Businesses revealed that have agreed to bring their companies 
inside the castle to be part of one employee-owned company.
The  bigger vision behind the castle
The Castle’s core beliefs and values
How to become part of the castle
 Epic story behind Castle V
What the V represents
Castle V’s Team
The Location

We believe a few people can flip the world upside down for the better. It happened before, it will happen again.

Who should attend the event? Out-of-the box creative writers for movie scripts, books, comics, and blogs. Caffeinated Android & iOS developers. Aspiring directors and cinematographers. Beyond amazing artistic CG animators. Mind-blowing visual effects specialists. Phenomenal music composers, DJs, sound engineers, and musicians. Super-star graphic and web designers. Doctors and pet doctors a.k.a. vets. Mechanics, accountants, legal, hardware/mechanical/electrical engineers, SEO/Marketing specialists, building construction, hair stylists/makeup artists, teachers, IT Network & Security geeks, housekeepers, cooks, groundskeepers, interns.

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Should I attend Castle V’s webcast event even though I don’t want to live and work inside the castle? If your calling is to help others that are less fortunate and would like financial support to do so, then you should attend to learn how to become a Bolder Doer.

Social Share Rewards


The first ten bloggers with more than 5K followers to share Castle V’s story on their blog site get to stay seven days inside the castle with two friends.


The first five people to get 100 likes sharing Castle V’s website on FB, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat get to stay in Castle V for a week with two friends. 


Each day, leading up to Castle V’s launch event, we’ll select one person who shared Castle V’s  website on their social media to vacay inside Castle V for seven days. 

Castle V’s Creative Challenge

Go Ahead And One-up Us

Got amazing talent? Then prove it!  Use your creative, inner-genius to make a compelling Castle V promo video. If your video gets the most views than you and two of your friends will get to live and work inside Castle V.  Submit a website that one-up’s our current site. If our team replaces our current site with yours, you’ll win entry into the castle. 

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